Thursday, August 24, 2006

I started on my lemon bag at the Tuesday night KOL. I had neglected to realize in my charting, that I can't just carry the blue along through the yellow without it peeping through constantly, and the shape of the lemon prevents me from just dropping the yarn in the front and picking it up when I get back to it. Aggravation ensues. I spent half an hour or so last night sewing in ends so that I wouldn't have three million to do when I finished the bag, so you can't see the agony that has gone into this purse.

If I didn't love the colours and the concept so very much I'd probably bury the yarn at the bottom of my stash and find it in a month's time and do something else with it, lemon forgotten. As it stands, we may see a completed lemon purse sometime in the year 2010.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is the yarn for my lemon bag. None of it really reproduced well, but that's okay; they're close enough. I'm going to use the blue for the background of the chart, and have the raspberry combined with the lemon and blue in stripes for the strap. Now I just need to get my gauge worked out, and I'll be set to start tonight at the knitmeet.

Planning on heading to the Halifax KOL tonight. I'm working on a chart and choosing colours today for a new bag based on the Orange You Glad bag in SnB; the Happy Hooker.

I'd love to do the lemon in the yellow Cascade 220 Quattro. I'm torn between raspberry and electric blue for the other colours, and wondering about a green for the stem and leaves as well. Obviously, this requires a trip to The Loop today to figure out what colours I actually have access to.