Friday, December 21, 2007

Going Home

This is my first Christmas away from my house as a Knitter (capital K). I was away last year, as a knitter (lowercase k), and brought maybe two projects. I can't even remember the second project, if there was one. This year... oh, this year...

This is what I have crammed into my knitting bag (and I've been wanting a bigger knitting bag for a bit now):

  • One knee-length hooded cardigan (I figure 2 100g balls of yarn should get me through until I get home. I might take a third if I get nervous before I leave the house.
  • One pair of socks in Trekking, toe up, to be knit until the end of the ball.
  • One pair of socks in On Your Toes DK, toe up.
  • One scarf, 3/4 knit already.
  • One neckwarmer (Tudora)
  • One Sally the Eco-Fairy
I may yet be convinced not to bring the yarn for a pair or two of Dashings, but it's a 50/50 chance right now.

I have strictly told myself that I do not need to bring any more yarn for socks with me. Every now and then, I find myself carrying a ball of yarn towards the bag, and I snap out of it and put it back. The Trekking sock on the needles right now has taken me weeks already, so I have no worries that I will run out of sock to knit, but still...

All I can say is, at least yarn's light.