Thursday, September 28, 2006

I've got a project I desperately want to make. This project desperately wants me to stuff it to the bottom of my stash and never speak of it again.

No, it's not the lemon bag, which I'm still not on speaking terms with. Its my new cabled wristlets. I had to cast on for the first one about 5 times. That was fine; I eventually figured out what was giving me so much trouble. Then I got to the increase round, and forgot the second increase. Figured it out two rows afterwards, tried to rip back and ended up frogging all two inches of it.

Cast on again. Get about three or four inches done. Leave the project on the floor on the living room unsupervised for 10 minutes. Return to discover my cat has the ball strewn across the living room and back again. Not a big deal, as the project was still sitting there untouched. She was after the glorious ball; forget the knitted stuff. So I spent most of my free time today rewinding the ball so I could knit from it again.

I've got about five and a half inches now. I think it's too big for me. See, my wrist measures at 6.5 inches around. The pattern had sizing for 6 inches and 7.5 inches. I figured with my tight knitting tendencies, I'd make the 7.5 inch one and have a reasonably well fitting wristlet. Well, it appears I was wrong. I've been attempting to loosen up the deathgrip stitching, and I guess I've done pretty well for myself, because while the wristlet fits okay, my boyfriend and I agree that after a few wearings, it's going to be loose and annoying and falling off.


So I'm thinking, do I just frog the damned thing and start over again? Do I frog it and grab another ball that might show off the cables a little more and save this poor beaten ball for something less cabley? Do I give myself some retail therapy and get myself some sock knitting implements (needles, yarn, the whole bit) to get frustrated at instead?